Wee Squeek #Review and a $50 Wee Squeek Gift Card GiveawayWee Squeak #Review and a $50 Wee Squeak Gift Card Giveaway

Wee Squeak makes adorable styles of shoes that give a cute squeak when kids walk heal to toe. We were lucky to review a pair and immediately fell in love with them. The shoes themselves are very stylish and even without the squeaks make a big impression. Jucst check out the vibrant color, sleek lines and fur insides on these girls boots . Seriously, I wish these came in adult sizes too!

There are tons of varieties for girls shoes, including animal print and a lot of options for flower shoes in many options on color and style. I personally love LOUD clothes on a kid (go big or go home!), and Wee Squeak has a ton of shoes that fit the bill. Their selection of Boys shoes is just as impressive, from sandals to dress shoes and sporty kicks too!


Our 1 year old fit nicely into the boots that we picked out for the review and immediately started running down the hall. The shoes didn’t let down and gave a cute squeaking noise right away. It’s more of a cute, endearing noise than anything overwhelming… trust me on that as we have become experts on good noises vs bad noises on toys etc. The Wee Squeaks sound nice and the right and left shoe each have a different noise. We weren’t the only ones who liked the noise, our daughter did too and she was giggling up a storm. Best part about it is that it these shoes make her want to run around twice as much and she’s seriously improving her balance (and burning off some energy so she’ll sleep better at night!). The squeakers can easily be removed for quiet times like at night, but we haven’t done that yet.
Another nice thing about Wee Squeak is the fit; they are built wider than other shoes which is a HUGE benefit as I hate cramming my kids’ feet into some of the other shoe options out there. Especially for sandals, other brands don’t seem to get that kids feet are wider than an inch! Wee squeak also speaks of the quality of their soles, being both soft and flexible. Now that’s a lot of positives in a shoe and they’re priced below the big brands of shoes out there. These would make the perfect gift, everyone will ooh and ahh (they’re so cute, plus it doesn’t hurt that “Wee Squeaks” is an awesome name). I will definitely be telling friends about this brand and about our personal experience with Wee Squeaks, it was very positive.

Giveaway runs through June 16th . US only . One winner will receive a $50 Gift Card

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  1. I can’t pick one pair I love lots of them and really need new shoes

  2. Kayla Haigler

    First Rika I just have to say your little girl is so stinkin’ cute. I love that hair!!!
    Anyway-I’d have to get the brown cowboy boots for my Noah. He’d be so cute.

  3. chantal bell

    I love the leopard, purple

  4. Carla D.

    I love the Cross Strap Black boots.


  5. I like the Kaeden in Brown for my son. Thanks!
    Amie Olson

  6. Claudia Rodriguez

    I love the sport brown for my boy

  7. Nicole Powell

    Daisy Shoe Hot Pink. They have some great clearance right now too. Woohoo.

  8. Shawna Baird Scott

    love the Ruffle Sandal, Hot Pink

  9. Elicia P

    Cross Shoe- Grey

    These are too cute

  10. Barbara Bowman

    the hot pink Daisy ones!! HOW CUTE

  11. Lula Ruger

    i like the cross shoe brown


  12. i like the boys work boot in brown

  13. Donna Quarles

    hot pink ruffle sandle

  14. Ashley Avelar

    Your daughter is adorable Rika! I love the cowboy boots. So cute!

  15. Shantell Johnson

    I love the Open Toe Sandles Brown

  16. Cheryl Rogers

    My daughter would love the Leopard Purple shoes.

  17. trilliansworld

    I picked the white patent ones w/bows


  18. Love the Polka Dot Turquoise

  19. Holly Uhler

    The brown daisy sandles are cute

  20. Jenny

    They are all cute!! Boots for my baby :)


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