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Skinny Cow Resolve To Indulge Instant Win Game 1/30/14

 Skinny Cow Resolve To Indulge Instant Win Game 1/30/14


 Skinny Cow Resolve To Indulge Instant Win Game 1/30/14 – starts in 1/2

After completing the registration form, you will be prompted to enter a code from a box of Skinny Cow Ice Cream or candy OR you can enter the code ABC123DEF456

One Sweepstakes Grand Prize:Fifty two (52) $200 Zappos gift cards to purchase a new pair of shoes every week for one year; and a $2,600 donation to Dress For Success on behalf of winner. ARV: $10,400

Sixteen thousand two hundred nineteen (16,219) Instant Win Game Prizes:

  • (9,110): a coupon for any SKINNY COW® frozen treat (six count or less). ARV: $5.49
  • (7,080): coupon good for any one carton of SKINNY COW® candy (4.56oz-6oz). ARV: $4.99

Twenty-nine (29) Other Daily Instant Win Game Prizes (one per day):

  1. $250 Visa gift card (to use at salon)
  2. $250 Visa gift card (to use at Spa)
  3. $250 Visa gift card (to buy a smartphone)
  4. $250 Lululemon gift card
  5. $250 Zappos gift card
  6. $250 Visa gift card (to use for restaurants)
  7. $250 Macy’s gift card
  8. $250 Sephora gift card
  9. $250 TJ Maxx gift card
  10. $250 Visa gift card (to buy gas)
  11. $250 1-800 Flowers.com gift card
  12. $250 Kate Spade gift card
  13. $250 Zappos gift card
  14. $250 Visa gift card
  15. $250 Bed Bath & Beyond gift card
  16. $250 Victoria’s Secret gift card
  17. $250 Macy’s gift card
  18. $250 Sephora gift card
  19. $250 Visa gift card
  20. $250 Amazon gift card
  21. $250 Visa gift card
  22. $250 Macy’s gift card
  23. $250 Victoria’s Secret gift card
  24. $250 Nike gift card
  25. $250 Sephora gift card
  26. $250 Visa gift card
  27. $250 Visa gift card
  28. $250 Macy’s gift card
  29. $250 Visa gift card

Prize Limit: Five First Prizes per person and five Second Prizes per person; one Daily Instant Win Game prize per person and one Sweepstakes prize per person.

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